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Prevention is better than cure. Individual of pitta prakriti are more prone to falling of hair. They should follow diet & habit as mentioned for them in Ayurvedic texts. Due to accumulation of pitta dosha in rainy season and vitiation in autumn season, these months of year are more uncertain for patients of hair fall, individual of pitta prakriti or persons with genetic history of baldness.
These people are strictly advice to follow proper routine mentioned for rainy and autumn season respectively.

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We can manifest hair fall as a primary disease (as an independent disease) as well as secondary to other disorders or can be present as a symptom of many diseases. Because of its variable etiopathogenesis, we need a careful approach to the patients for proper diagnosis and treatment of hair fall (khalitya). It should take a proper history including all the criteria like past medical history, family history and personal history along with other general & systemic examinations. The scalp & body should be carefully examined to detect any abnormality in the skin.


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