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Masika Nidan Tablets

Moordha tail (oiling) and paste for local application over scalp – it should regularly apply Oil on the scalp. It prevents falling of hair, and baldness and also makes the hair black long and deep-rooted. It provides nourishment to the hair follicles and also gives strength to.
The cortex and fibre of hair. We can use mustard oil or Coconut oil on a regular basis for massage oil hair.

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The patient should protect himself from all the causes mentioned for shiroroga as hair fall enumerated under shiroroga according to some authors. He should protect himself from dust, smoke, fog, cold water, sunlight etc. he should avoid sleeping in the daytime and awakening late at night.
Patients with hair falls must avoid excessive use of salt and kshara in their diet. Harsh chemicals, a heating treatment used in practice for cosmetics should be avoided or minimally used.


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