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Khalitya is a wicked disease which needs proper management. Some minor changes of life style and dietary habits can prevent hair fall. Proper hair care life oiling, washing, protection from external factors like environment, chemicals, heating etc is important for preventing hair fall and keeping them healthy. Before starting treatment of hair fall, physician should identify the cause and first treatment should be Nidanparivarjana or management of that cause. Than after other therapies like Abhyang, lepana, shodhan, nasya,
Rasayana hould be prescribed accordingly. In this way, we can treat the khalitya roga or hair fall effectively.

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Nasya (nasal drop)–Everybody should take a nasal drop of “Anu tail” every year during the rainy, autumn and spring season when the sky is free from cloud. Along with many other benefits, it prevents hair fall and also speeds up the growth of hair. [19] Nasya nourishes the rotas present above the clavicle including the hair follicles which strengthen the hair and reduce falling.


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