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Prevention is better than cure. Individual of pitta prakriti are more prone to falling of hair. They should follow diet & habit as mentioned for them in Ayurvedic texts. Due to accumulation of pitta dosha in rainy season and vitiation in autumn season, these months of year are more uncertain for patients of hair fall, individual of pitta prakriti or persons with genetic history of baldness. These people are strictly advice to follow proper routine mentioned for rainy and autumn season respectively.

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Khalitya is a common but very challenging and capricious disease of the world population and can have a profound effect on physical and emotional state. Viruddha ahara, pitta vardhak ahara vihara, abhishyandi ahara, sedentary lifestyle increases Pitta and Vata which leads to khalitya. Ayurvedic management for Khalitya are Abhyang, shodhan, lepan, Nasya, Rasayana therapies. Abhyang chikitsa, especially with oil.
Is best for vata dosha shaman. Abhyang of oil which prepared by kapha, pitta and vatahar dravyas helps in vata shaman along with pitta and kapha shaman. Shirolepan karma which performed by vatahar, pittahar and kaphahar dravyas normalizes vata, pitta and kapha dosha accordingly.


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