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Nidan Hair Tablet

Healthy, long and vibrant hair helps a lot in the improvement of personality. Therefore, to keep hair in a healthy state is entirely the duty of a human being, because just like the face, hair is also a mirror of a healthy state of the body. In this advanced modernized era, it gifts humans with a lot of sophistication, and luxuries but is left with a sedentary lifestyle, stress-induced hectic schedules along with faulty dietary habits. These all habits influence the homeostasis of the body and with many other health problems, fall is one of them.
The problem of falling hair is progressively increasing in society which is also affecting
The quality of life. Many years of hair loss impact mental health.

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Hair fall has been described in Ayurveda by the name of khalitya roga under the heading of kshudra roga (minor disease) or shiroroga (diseases of head & scalp). It is progressing disorder people living in sedentary ways of life, stress induced hectic schedules along with indiscriminate dietary habits result in many disturbance and deficiencies in the body which directly reflect in loss of hair. We can reduce & manage this rising problem of hair fall through modifying life style, purification therapy and medication practicing in Ayurveda.


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