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We can define hair as a changed epithelial structure formed because of the keratinisation of germination cells. Hair is epidermal.
The appendage that lies with the dermis. Every hair emerges from the hair follicles which resembles a slim pocket inside the epidermis. Hair is present in every discipline of the epidermis beside the palm, stole and lips. Hair development undergoes a repetitive cycle. In the scalp, the hair growth cycle has three essential phases: Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. The anagen segment is a progress phase which most commonly lasts 3-5 years. On a healthy scalp, there are roughly 100000 hair & 90% of the follicles are consistently in the anagen.
A segment of hair development. The Catagen stage follows this phase when the follicles end up dormant which lasts for 2-to 3.
Week. The telogen stage is a dormant stage or resting interval that lasts 3-4 months. When this stage ends, h.

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We have described hair fall in almost all the Ayurvedic literature as Khalitya. It has been included in Shiroroga by Acharya Charaka & Ashtanga hridayakar. I have done this inclusion based on Shtana (location) of diseases and the similarity of etiopathogenesis of.
Diseases. We clearly mentioned in Ashtanghridaya that nine diseases occurring on the outer part of the head over the scalp should be called shiroroga.


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