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We have medicines made from natural herbs that would improve and activate the metabolism of the body.Ayurvedic medicines are rich in healing preposition that focuses mainly on balancing the mind, body and spirit. These medicines cleanse the body, defend it against the diseases and balances the equilibrium of the body.India being the largest producer of medicinal plants has an edge over the production compared to other countries and also these medicines are available at low level compared to modern medicines. Through our Ayurvedic products we aim to preserve health and wellness by keeping the mind, body and spirit in balance and preventing the disease rather than treating it.Our medicines are to be consumed for a course of time ranging from three months to a year to see the visible results. While consuming our medicines you need not to do any extracurricular activities like exercising or dieting. Our products range from weight loss, weight gain, hair care, constipation to period cramps. Everyone in the age group of 10 years to 70 years are eligible to consume our medicines provided that do not suffer from heart diseases or kidney problems. Pregnant women too should not consume these medicines. Availing you the best Ayurvedic products at the most reasonable rate in India, Nidan Ayurveda is the best option to shop all your Ayurvedic products from. 

Qualities of Kesh Nidan

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Nidan Ayurveda has been in market since the year 2000 and has been the best in the market of Ayurvedic medicines. The motive behind launching our company was to provide people with the natural and effective remedies to their ailments without compromising with the help of our consumers. And what better than Ayurvedic medicines which gives 100% satisfactory results. Our company of medicine is in market for over 8 years and have served over 1 lakh customers 100% satisfied with our products. Before launching our company, we did research in ayurveda for over 5 years. The company’s mission is to make the society healthy and happy by providing them with the remedies that would help them love themselves more and help them in rising above their insecurities.


Our company adopts a holistic approach to health and provides the customers with the therapeutic oils and spices. Ayurveda governs the body which is called “doshas”. These doshas are a combination of vata, pitta and kapha which comprise water, earth, fire, space, and air. These all-combined helps in perfect balance of the body. Ayurvedic products are based on these doshas and aims at holistically maintaining and improving general health no matter what age of customer is.
 Nidan Ayurveda offers remedies for the young, old, sick, healthy and everyone in between. For us, we want a world comprising healthy and happy people.

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